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What are the restrictions on telemarketing?

Federal and Delaware laws prohibit deceptive and abusive telemarketing practices and protects consumers from unwanted calls. Under these laws:
* Telemarketing calls are restricted to between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.
* Telemarketers must promptly identify themselves and tell you why they are calling.
* Telemarketers must disclose all material information accurately concerning performance, quality, efficacy, nature or basic characteristics of the merchandise and the terms of the sale.
* Telemarketers must get your express consent before billing charges.
* If calling about a prize promotion, telemarketers must give consumers: an accurate description of the prize; its market value; all material conditions to receive or redeem the prize; the actual number of prizes to be awarded; the odds of being able to receive the prize; the fact that no purchase or payment of any kind is required to win a prize or to participate in a prize promotion; and instructions on how to participate or an address or local or toll-free telephone number to which customers may write or call for information on how to participate in the prize promotion.
* Telemarketers must tell consumers that any sales transaction is not final for 7 business days and how they can cancel the sale.

If you want telemarketers to stop calling you then see our publication National Do Not Call Registry for some steps you can take to get off calling and mailing lists.

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