Delaware Department of Justice
Attorney General
Matt Denn

Fraud & Consumer Protection Division

Reporting Suspected Financial Exploitation of Seniors

The Investor Protection Unit of the Delaware Department of Justice (“IPU”) is implementing a new form for use by financial institutions and its employees in reporting suspected instances of financial exploitation of elderly adults. Title 31, § 3910(c) of the Delaware Code provides that, where an employee of a financial institution has a reasonable belief that an elderly person has been or may be the subject of financial exploitation, the financial institution must report this information to the Department of Health and Social Services. In addition, the financial institution may also report the suspected financial exploitation to the IPU, which is responsible for investigating crimes in connection with the offer, sale, or purchase of securities. Please be advised that all reports of suspected financial exploitation will remain confidential.


Reporting to IPU may be accomplished in one of two ways:

1. You may complete the online “Delaware Investor Protection Unit Report of Suspected Financial Exploitation.” Please enter as much information as possible. If a field is not pertinent or you do not have the information, you can type in “not applicable” or “N/A”.  By hitting the submit button on the form, the form is automatically emailed to  You will be asked to save a copy for your records after hitting the submit button.

2. You may make the report via telephone at (302) 577-8424.


If you have any questions, please contact IPU at (302) 577-8424 or by email at

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