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Delaware Department of Justice
Attorney General
Kathy Jennings

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96-IB21: FOIA-Wilmington Housing Authority

The Complainant alleged that the Wilmington Housing Authority improperly withheld records relating to plans to establish elderly housing. The Housing Authority provided the records. Held: the complaint is moot.

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95-IB25 Freedom of Information Act Complaint 29 Del. C. ' 10005(e)

Complainant alleged that New Castle County failed to respond to her request for records. The County indicated that it was preparing to respond to the request when the Complainant filed a pro se suit in Superior Court alleging, among other things, a violation of the Freedom of Information Act. Held: jurisdiction rests with Superior Court.

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95-IB26 Freedom of Information Act Complaint 29 Del. C. ' 10005(e)

The Complainant alleged that the Town Council of Georgetown violated the Freedom of Information Act when it did not include the eviction of the town Chamber of Commerce from the town hall on the June agenda but did vote on the matter as additional business. A special meeting was held two months later to vote on the eviction again, in compliance with FOIA, with the same vote. Held: although there was an initial violation, the subsequent meeting ratified the actions of the first meeting and made the matter moot.

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