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The Sarita Wright Lucas Summer Clerkship Program

Summer Law Clerks


About the Program

Deputy Attorney General Sarita Wright Lucas joined the Delaware Department of Justice in 2008 where she worked tirelessly as a prosecutor for the citizens of Delaware, standing on the principle, “do the right thing.” She quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the youngest attorneys, and the first African American attorney, to lead a criminal unit in the DOJ. She supervised colleagues and continued to prosecute homicides, robberies and assaults, taking more felony cases to trial in 2013 than any other prosecutor. Outside of the office, she was highly regarded and respected by law enforcement, judges and her colleagues.

Sadly, in 2014 Sarita and her unborn child tragically passed away in her home. But her work ethic, skill and passion for the law remain a legacy imprinted on this office. To that end, we strive to attract and recruit law clerks which embody the same passion and work ethic as Sarita.


Why Choose the Delaware Department of Justice?

The Delaware Department of Justice is unique. In most states, the Attorney General represents the state’s agencies, boards, and commissions, while the county district attorneys handle criminal prosecutions. In Delaware, the Attorney General has both responsibilities.

The Sarita Wright Lucas Law Clerk Program offers law students the rare opportunity to gain experience in almost every legal background in a professional and friendly environment.

To the extent practicable, our summer law clerks are fully integrated into the work and life of the Department, with the goal of gaining a realistic view of the rewards and demands of public service.

Many summer law clerks have said our program was one of the most interesting and beneficial experiences of their lives. As a law clerk you will be afforded the opportunity to work in several practice areas with different attorneys in a collegial atmosphere.

Upon graduation from law school, former summer law clerks are given strong preference in our hiring process. Many current Deputy Attorneys General served with the Department as summer law clerks.

Frequently Asked Questions

First and second year law students have an opportunity to serve a 10-week clerkship over the summer.

Clerks who have completed two full years of law school are paid a stipend commensurate with that of an entry-level Deputy Attorney General’s salary (currently $1,100 per week and $11,000 total). Clerks who have complete one full year of law school are offered volunteer positions, but may be eligible for a fellowship or stipend from their law school or another source.

Clearks are assigned to one of the DOJ’s offices in each of Delaware’s 3 counties: our Wilmington office in New Castle County; our Dover office in Kent County; or our Georgetown office in Sussex County.

Clerks have the opportunity to work in different divisions of the DOJ. In New Castle County, students can request two (2) Divisions that they will rotate between. In Kent and Sussex Counties, law clerks will work on all matters in the office through the entire summer. Second-year law students who are offered clerkships will be sworn in under Delaware’s limited practice rule (Supreme Court Rule 56) and will prosecute misdemeanor criminal cases.

Additional summer experiences include (subject to change):

  • Mentorship Program: Law clerks will be paired with an attorney for the summer to provide guidance as part of the DOJ’s
  • Mock Trial Program: Law clerks will have the opportunity to hone trial skills
  • Brown bag lunch speaker series
  • Tours of correctional centers
  • Observing legislative sessions of the Delaware General Assembly
  • Observing oral arguments in the Delaware Supreme Court

How to Apply

The Summer Law Clerk Program offers paid positions to students who have completed two full years of law school. Students who have completed one full year of law school may be offered volunteer positions. Candidates should highlight their commitment to public service work, and an understanding/preference for which Division and office location they would like to be assigned. Candidates are encouraged to apply early as offers are extended beginning in October for the following summer.

Applicants should submit the following information with their application:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Law School Transcript
  • Writing Sample

To apply, or for additional information, please contact:

Brett Fallon
Deputy Attorney General

Anthony J. Hill
Deputy Attorney General

Please copy:



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