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New Castle County

New Castle County enacted laws that apply only in New Castle County. These laws are in addition to the Delaware Uniform Common Interest Ownership Act (“DUCIOA”). If there is a conflict with the DUCIOA, the New Castle County Law applies.

New Castle County prepared the brochures listed below:

Homeowners Association Manual

This is a good general overview of the role of a Common Interest Community Homeowners Association in New Castle County. Many of the comments are generally true in other counties as well. However, the references to the services provided by the County’s Office of Community Governing are no longer available. The office is no longer functioning.

New Castle County Maintenance Corporation Manual (This covers Common Interest Communities)

New Castle County Civic Association Manual (Civic Associations are not covered by the DUCIOA or the Ombudsperson Law, but the information may be useful to Civic associations)

New Castle County operates a program that Homeowners Association Maintenance Corporations may use to bill and collect association dues and assessments. The program is not available to cooperatives, or condominiums. For further information click on this link to the New Castle County web page.
New Castle County program for collection Maintenance Corporation Assessment

New Castle County law on Maintenance Corporations

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