Delaware Department of Justice
Attorney General
Kathy Jennings

Fraud & Consumer Protection Division

Internal Dispute Resolution Process (IDR)

  1. Click here to read the “Procedure for Filing a Complaint.
  2. Click here to read the “Ombudsman’s Template Internal Dispute Rules.”  You may want to add a copy of this to your Internal complaint to your association/Board.
  3. Click here for a fillable, downloadable version of the Ombudsman’s “CIC Internal Complaint Form.” This form is compatible with Microsoft Word but may not be compatible with other programs.  Use this form if you have Word. Otherwise, use the form on the last two pages of the “Ombudsman’s Template Internal Dispute Rules.”

Follow the instructions in the “Procedure for Filing a Complaint.”  Print a copy of your completed, fillable “CIC Internal Complaint Form”  and the “Ombudsman’s Template Internal Dispute Rules” process for the board, and for yourself.  The Ombudsman does not get the IDR form unless IDR is unsuccessful.  If IDR is unsuccessful, you must attach the IDR complaint to the “Contact & Complaint Form” you file with the Ombudsman.

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