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“Introduction to Community Association Living.” – It is a 53 page book that covers a range of topics for homeowners and new volunteer leaders in community associations. You can download it as a free pdf from the Community Associations Institute from the Foundation website listed below.

Homeowners: Get free information and resources on topics such as home foreclosure, emergency preparedness, home safety, energy conservation, repairs, remodeling, crime prevention and more from the Community Associations Institute, Inc. Just click HERE.

Board Members: The Foundation for Community Association Research provides authoritative research and analysis on community association trends, issues and operations. “Our mission is to inspire successful and sustainable communities.”

Click here for the Foundation’s authoritative “Best Practices Reports” developed from industry experts and various industry-related publications and other sources. The reports are free and may be downloaded and shared:

  • Community Harmony & Spirit (PDF)
  • Community Security (PDF)
  • Energy Efficiency (PDF)
  • Financial Operations (PDF)
  • Ethics (PDF)
  • Governance (PDF)
  • Green Communities (PDF)
  • Reserve Studies/Management (PDF)
  • Strategic Planning (PDF)
  • Transition (PDF)

CAI Publications

CAI published a number of publications that address many HOA concerns. CAI provided a paper copy of these publications to one library in each county. You can request the library to send them to the public library nearest you in Delaware using the Delaware Library Catalog, To find the CAI publications on the Library Web catalog, type in the search term “homeowners association,” or “Community Association Press.” Topics covered by individual publications include:


  • Community Association Leadership: a Guide for Volunteers
  • Self-Management: a Guide for the Small Community Association
  • The Board President
  • The Board Secretary
  • The Board Treasurer
  • Managing and Governing: How Community Associations Function
  • Conflicts of Interest: How Community Association Leaders Honor Their Duties
  • Communications: How Community Associations Stay in Touch
  • Volunteers How Community Associations Thrive
  • Building Community: Proven Strategies for Turning Homeowners into Neighbors
  • Meetings and Elections: How Community Associations Exercise Democracy
  • Conflict Resolution: How ADR Helps Community Associations
  • Developer Transition: How Community Associations Assume Independence
  • Standards of Care and Community Associations: A Survey of State Standards
  • Volunteer Immunity in Community Associations: a Survey of State Laws

Assessment & Collection:

  • Member Dues: How Community Associations Collect Assessments
  • Reserve Funds: How And Why Community Associations And Best Assets
  • Delinquencies: How Community Associations Collect Assessments

Rules and Policies:

  • Be Reasonable!: How Community Associations Can Enforce Rules without Antagonizing Residents, Going to Court, or Starting WW III
  • Reinventing the Rules: a Step-By-Step Guide for Being Reasonable
  • Drafting Rules: How Community Associations Maintain Peace and Harmony
  • Design Review: How Community Associations Maintain Peace and Harmony
  • Pet Policies How Community Associations Maintain Peace and Harmony

Common Areas:

Insurance Issues:

  • Risk Management: How Community Associations Protect Themselves
  • Insurance: How Community Associations Protect Themselves
  • Natural Disasters: How Community Associations Protect Themselves

Contracting with Professionals:

  • Bids & Contracts: How to Find the Right Community Association Professional
  • Management Companies: How to Find the Right Community Association Professional
  • On-Site Managers: How to Find the Right Community Association Professional
  • Landscape Contractors: How to Find the Right Community Association Professional
  • Attorneys: How to Find the Right Community Association Professional

In New Castle County the publications are in the Hockessin Public library.
In Kent County they are in the Dover Public Library.
Sussex County is still cataloging the materials.

The Community Associations Institute, Inc.:

CAI provides useful information, some free and some to members. Below are links to CAI websites:

General Information Website: Community Associations Institute-
All information on the Research Foundation website is universally accessible, while some resources on Chapter and National websites are for members-only.
Community Associations Institute-National website

Community Associations Institute-Research Foundation

Community Associations Institute-Delaware Valley Chapter

Community Associations Institute-Chesapeake Chapter website (covers southern Delaware)

For general information concerning homeowners associations, maintenance corporations, and civic associations, including many useful services available statewide, take a look at the “Manuals” included in the “Live in New Castle County” page of the website.

Click HERE for the Insurance Commissioner’s explanation of Insurance products Homeowner’s Associations should consider.

Useful Searches

There is a lot of information about issues facing homeowners associations available on the Internet. Try searching the Internet for information by using some of the following search terms in your web browser:

  • For organizations that provide information about operating a successful homeowners association: “HOA organizations”
  • For information about HOA Websites,: “HOA websites”
  • For software to help manage your homeowners association: “HOA software”
  • For information about electronic voting services: “HOA electronic voting” or HOA voting online” or “HOA voting service”
  • For information about telephone conferencing for call-in meetings: “free telephone conferencing”

Anytime you seek information on the internet, keep in mind you can’t believe something just because it is on the internet. Read several articles, evaluations or comparisons from trusted sources, and spend some time researching your topic.

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