Delaware Department of Justice
Attorney General
Matt Denn

Fraud & Consumer Protection Division

Annual Reports

Ombudsman’s Annual Reports to the Governor

Read or download a copy of the Ombudsman’s 2015 Annual Report

Read or download a copy of the Ombudsman’s 2016 Annual Report

Included are:

  • A Message from the Ombudsman
  • Inquiries and Complaints Handled by the Office
  • Concerns Expressed To the Ombudsman
  • Legal developments Impacting Common Interest Communities
  • Recommendations for Changes to Delaware Law
  • Advisory Council Duties and Committees
  • Appendix of Forms Including:
    • Common Interest Community Ombudsperson Act
    • Procedure for Filing a Complaint
    • Template for Internal Dispute Resolution Process (IDR)
    • Common Interest Community Contact/Complaint Form
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Procedures and Forms
    • Template Fair Elections Procedure
    • Template Bylaw for Notice to HOA before Utility Shut off
    • Advisory Council Members

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