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The Ombudsperson Act Also Created an Advisory Council

The Ombudsperson’s Act establishes an 18 member “Common Interest Community Advisory Council.” Members were appointed by public officials including the Governor, the Mayor of Wilmington, leaders of each of the 3 counties, the Speaker of the House, the President pro tempore of the Senate, the Secretary of State, the Delaware Bar Association, the president of the Home Builders Association of Delaware, and the chief executive officer of the Community Associations Institute.

The Act charges the Advisory Council with the duty to advise the Ombudsperson about issues relating to common interest communities, including:

  • Ways to Increase the collection rate for assessments;
  • Developing of conflict resolution procedures within common interest communities;
  • The feasibility of mandatory mediation, arbitration or other forms of alternative dispute resolution for disputes not resolved internally, and the implementation of the process;
  • Develop mechanisms for registration of common interest communities;
  • Study and recommend the adoption, amendment, or rescission of Delaware laws or rules of court procedure in order to improve the regulation and operation of common interest communities; and
  • Advise and assist the Ombudsperson in the operation of the office and in the preparation of an annual report.

The Advisory Council at its first meeting formed committees to work on each of these subject areas.

The Council is required to meet at least 4 times each year. The Chair, the Ombudsperson or a majority of the Advisory Council may call a special meeting of the Council.

A quorum of nine is necessary to hold a meeting of the Council. Advisory Council meetings are open to the public and announced in advance on the Delaware Public meeting calendar.

Feel free to contact Advisory Council members and let them know your concerns so that they can bring them to the attention of the Advisory Council and the Ombudsperson.

Members of the Council

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