Delaware Department of Justice
Attorney General
Kathy Jennings

Divisions of the Department of Justice

Civil Division

The Civil Division is responsible for providing legal services to the officers, departments, boards, agencies, commissions, and instrumentalities of State government. The State Solicitor is appointed by the Attorney General and reports through the Chief Deputy Attorney General. Much like a private law firm, the Civil Division provides all legal advice in civil matters for the State of Delaware. The Civil Division is organized statewide into four groups Government Services, Departments & Agencies, Major Litigation and Family Services.
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Division of Civil Rights & Public Trust

Former Attorney General Matt Denn created the Division of Civil Rights and Public Trust in January 2015 to provide legal firepower to ensure that these important issues are addressed and to provide a point of contact for members of the public. In 2020, Attorney General Kathy Jennings successfully advocated for legislation elevating the Office to a permanent Division of Civil Rights and Public Trust.

The Division is charged with protecting individual rights and liberties of Delawareans, enforcement of laws designed to ensure citizen trust in government, immigration assistance, and conducting investigations where the Department of Justice’s other responsibilities might present the appearance of a conflict of interest.

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Criminal Division

The Criminal Division of the Department of Justice is responsible for the prosecution of criminal cases, with the exception of domestic violence and juvenile cases, which are prosecuted by the Family Division. Its mission is to represent the State in criminal cases, and in so doing safeguard the human rights of victims and their families and the constitutional rights of defendants. This responsibility includes the preparation and presentation of criminal cases before the Superior Court, the Court of Common Pleas, Family Court, and in some matters before the Justice of the Peace Courts. The Criminal Division also provides legal assistance to other law enforcement agencies and administers the Victim/Witness Assistance Program. The Division is managed by the State Prosecutor who is appointed by the Attorney General and reports through the Chief Deputy Attorney General. The Criminal Division maintains offices in each of Delaware’s three counties. Each of the county offices is headed by the County Prosecutor, who is appointed by the Attorney General and reports through the State Prosecutor. In New Castle County, the office is organized into several units. These units include the Homicide Unit, New Castle County Felony Trial Unit, Wilmington Trial Unit, Sex Crimes Unit, Child Predator Unit, Child Victims Unit (jointly with the Family Division), Felony Screening Unit and the Misdemeanor Trial Unit. In Kent and Sussex Counties the office is organized into a Felony Trial Unit, a Felony Screening Unit, a Sex Crimes Unit, and a Misdemeanor Trial Unit. The Child Predator Unit, located in Kent County, has statewide jurisdiction.
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The Executive Office

The Executive Office is responsible for providing customer-oriented operational support to Department of Justice employees. This Division manages information systems, personnel programs, fiscal discipline, purchasing and supply, facilities, and oversees the immigration and naturalization related services provided to residents of Delaware. The Division is led by the Director of Operations and is divided into several groups. At present, those are Human Resources, Fiscal Unit, Supply & Purchasing, and Information Technology.
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Family Division

The Family Division is focused on protecting Delaware’s families by securing justice for victims of domestic violence, and is responsible for handling cases involving child protection, child support, and juvenile delinquency and truancy.
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Fraud Division

The Fraud and Consumer Protection Division protects the public from unfair and/or deceptive business practices. The division is divided into four major units: Consumer Protection, Securities, Fraud in Government, and Special Investigations. The Division is led by the Director.
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