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20-IB14 4/6/2020 FOIA Opinion Letter to Mr. Scott Becker re: FOIA Complaint Concerning the Delaware State Police

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Attorney General Opinion No. 20-IB14

April 6, 2020



Scott Becker


RE:     FOIA Petition Regarding the State of Delaware State Police


Dear Mr. Becker:

We write in response to your correspondence alleging that the State Bureau of Identification of the Delaware State Police (“DSP”) violated Delaware’s Freedom of Information Act, 29 Del. C. §§ 10001-10007 (“FOIA”) in connection with your request for records.  We treat your correspondence as a Petition for a determination pursuant to 29 Del. C. § 10005 regarding whether a violation of FOIA has occurred or is about to occur.  As discussed below, we find no basis to conclude that DSP violated FOIA as alleged.




On February 27, 2020, DSP received your request for “[t]he annual report produced by SBI in accordance with Title 11, Chapter 5, Section 1448A(i) for calendar year 2019.”[1]  This subsection states the following:


The SBI shall provide to the judiciary committees of the Senate and House of Representatives an annual report including the number of inquiries made pursuant to this section and § 1448B of this title for the prior calendar year. Such report shall include, but not be limited to, the number of inquiries received from licensees, the number of inquiries resulting in a determination that the potential buyer or transferee was prohibited from receipt or possession of a firearm pursuant to §§ 1448 and 1448B of this title or federal law.[2]


DSP responded on March 6, 2020, stating that it has no responsive records because “DSP/SBI closed down their Firearms Transaction Approval Process (FTAP) unit approximately five or six years ago when it was determined that the work was redundant with checks performed through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NCIS).”[3]  Further, DSP noted it “does not perform any duties associated with the purchase or transfer of firearms.”[4]

This Petition followed, challenging DSP’s response that no records exist.  Specifically, you argue that 11 Del. C. § 1448A(i) requires DSP to create this firearms report, and 2011 legislation only renumbered this subsection.  You therefore conclude “[e]ither the SBI is not following the law, or [the FOIA Coordinator] refuses to release the information I requested.”[5]

On March 16, 2020, DSP’s counsel replied to your Petition by letter (“Response”), asserting that DSP has fulfilled its obligations with respect to your FOIA request insofar as it has no responsive records to provide.  DSP contends that determinations of statutory compliance are outside this Office’s jurisdiction.



FOIA requires a public body to provide citizens with reasonable access to public records.[6]  Your request sought a firearms report purportedly required by 11 Del. C. § 1448A(i).  However, DSP’s legal counsel denies that DSP has any existing records responsive to your request, as DSP no longer performs these duties related to the FTAP.  Because DSP’s legal counsel represents the report you seek does not exist, we accept this representation and find no violation of FOIA.[7]

The FOIA statute limits this Office to determining whether a violation of FOIA has occurred or is about to occur.[8]  In the FOIA petition process, the General Assembly did not confer jurisdiction on this Office to determine whether any law other than FOIA has been violated.[9]  Thus, the determination of whether 11 Del. C. § 1448A(i) obliges DSP to publish this firearms report is outside the scope of this Office’s authority.



For the reasons set forth above, we find that DSP did not violate FOIA as alleged in the Petition.


Very truly yours,

/s/ Alexander S. Mackler                                                                                                                    _____________________________
Alexander S. Mackler
Chief Deputy Attorney General



Joseph C. Handlon, Deputy Attorney General
Dorey L. Cole, Deputy Attorney General

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