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Delaware Department of Justice
Attorney General
Kathy Jennings

 Archived Posts From:  March 2007

07-IB05 Re: Freedom of Information Act Complaint Against Town of Bridgeville

The Complainant alleged the Town of Bridgeville (the “Town”) violated the “open records” provision of the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) by conditioning production of requested documents on the Complainant’s payment of $11,383, despite the Town’s lack of a written, uniform FOIA fee schedule. Held: the Town violated the public records requirements of FOIA by conditioning your access to public records on the payment of $11,383 in initial labor costs to retrieve and compile the records because the Town did not have a written, uniform FOIA cost schedule as of the date of the request.

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07-IB04 RE: Freedom of Information Act Complaint Against Delaware State University

The Complainant alleged the Board of Trustees of Delaware State University (“the Board of Trustees”) violated the “open meetings” provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, 29 Del. C. Ch. 100 (“FOIA”), by meeting for dinner at a private club without notice to the public. Held: the Board of Trustees did not violate the open meeting requirements of FOIA when seven appointed and elected members of the Board (less than a quorum) gathered for dinner at a private club.

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