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Delaware Department of Justice
Attorney General
Kathy Jennings

 Archived Posts From:  August 2003

03-IB16 08/08/03 FOIA Opinion Letter to Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Maher re: FOIA Complaints Against Town of Slaughter Beach

The Complainants alleged that the Town of Slaughter Beach (“the Town”) violated FOIA by discussing matters of public business at a meeting on July 1, 2003 without the required notice to the public. The Town contends that it satisfied the notice requirements of FOIA by posting the notice and agenda for the July 1, 2003 special meeting three days in advance of the meeting. Held: the Town did not violate FOIA by publishing the notice for a special meeting on July 1, 2003 three days in advance since FOIA permits notice for special meetings to be less than seven days (but not less than 24 hours) when there is good reason.

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