Delaware Department of Justice
Attorney General
Matt Denn

Criminal Division

Units Of The Criminal Division

Appeals Unit

The Appeals Unit of the Criminal Division is responsible for the appellate litigation of criminal cases pending in both state and federal courts. Deputy Attorneys General of the Appeals Unit serve as the chief courtroom lawyers for the State before the state supreme court. The Appeals Unit also select complex post-conviction matters before the Delaware Superior Court. The Appeals Unit Deputy Attorneys General provide legal research and guidance regarding such core issues as: the taking of State appeals, participation by the State as amicus curie (“friend of the court”) in litigation wherein state interests may be affected, legislative matters, and potential ramifications of court decisions. The Appeals Unit is relied upon to render immediate and regular research assistance and aid to trial attorneys in the Criminal Division.

Crime Strategies Unit

The Department of Justice created the Crime Strategies Unit (“CSU”) to encourage collaboration with communities statewide to prevent and reduce crime. The CSU works with residents to collect neighborhood specific data and information in order to tailor specific responses to ongoing crime and blight issues. CSU deputies will attend community meetings or meet with concerned residents individually.

In addition to working with the community, the CSU coordinates with law enforcement and municipalities to ensure effective enforcement measures are utilized to address neighborhood specific concerns.

The CSU’s projects include:

Nuisance Abatement under 10 Del. C. Section 7101 et. seq.
• Community/Neighborhood Empowerment
• Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (“CPTED”)
• Supporting re-entry efforts
• Building trust in the criminal justice system

If you or your community are interested in hearing more about the projects listed above or other projects the CSU is involved with, please contact AJ Roop at (302) 577-5093 or by email at


 Domestic Violence Unit

Domestic violence is no longer a hidden threat to our nation’s families. Today, people talk about the crime of domestic violence on T.V., in the newspapers, and in magazines all the time. The fact that people are talking about it, however, has not made it go away. According to the F.B.I., one out of every two women in this country will be in an abusive relationship in her lifetime. People are suffering every day at the hands of someone they love. This brochure (ENG|ESP) has information which explains some of the questions people have about domestic violence. Read More…


Felony Screening Unit

The goal of the Felony Screening Unit is to screen and process various felony cases prior to assignment to a Deputy Attorney General in Superior Court. The unit is responsible for gathering information from the investigating police agency and making an initial determination as to whether the case should be prosecuted, and, if so, on what charges. Where appropriate, the Felony Screening Unit aims to resolve cases at the preliminary hearing. The responsibilities of the Felony Screening Unit also include the presentation of cases to the Grand Jury, the litigation of cases at the preliminary hearing stage, and other ancillary matters. The Case Processing Unit is a division of the Felony Screening Unit. This unit is responsible for case file management and case tracking. The Unit maintains all criminal case files, so as to provide quick access and sufficient data. The Case Processing Unit is staffed entirely by support personnel, and it is supervised by the head of the Felony Screening Unit.


Homicide Unit

The Homicide Unit is responsible for handling all homicide cases that occur in New Castle County. The Unit is made up of four seasoned prosecutors. These prosecutors are on-call every day of the year and respond to the scenes of the homicides throughout the County. The assigned homicide deputy follows the case through investigation, arrest, indictment and resolution.


Misdemeanor Trial Unit

The Misdemeanor Trial Unit prosecutes misdemeanor criminal offenses and motor vehicle offenses in the Court of Common Pleas. The Unit has recently begun a pilot project which prosecutors to criminal cases heard in Justice of the Peace Court 20. In Kent and Sussex Counties the Unit

New Castle County Felony Trial Unit

The Unit is comprised of Deputy Attorneys General, paralegals, and administrative assistants. Deputy Attorneys General in the unit litigate their cases before the New Castle County Superior Court. Cases include felony driving under the influence offenses, felony theft-related offenses, drug offenses, burglary, assault, robbery, serious gun offenses, and attempted murder. As the largest Felony Unit in the State of Delaware, the New Castle County Felony Unit services over 15 law enforcement agencies including the Delaware State Police, New Castle County PD, Newark PD, Newport PD, New Castle City PD, Elsmere PD, Middletown PD, U of D PD, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, Delaware River and Bay Authority, Delaware Alcohol and Tobacco, Probation and Parole, Delaware City PD, Capitol Police Department, SPCA, Department of Corrections.

Special Victims Unit

The Special Victims Unit (“SVU”) handles cases that involve some of our most vulnerable victims we serve. The SVU puts those responsible for cases dealing with sex crimes, child victims and child predators into a single unit led by Josette Manning who serves as the SVU Head.

The Sex Crimes Unit, under the umbrella of the SVU, prosecutes all sex offenders. The Unit is comprised of Deputy Attorneys General, social workers, paralegals, and administrative assistants. The social workers participate in the interviews with police officers and victims and act as liaisons between victims and the Unit’s prosecutors. The social workers also assist victims in applying to the Victims’ Compensation Assistance Program (“VCAP”) for compensation.

The Child Predator Task Force, also under the SVU umbrella, employs dedicated investigative and prosecutorial resources to identify, pursue, prosecute and punish criminals who utilize the internet to prey on Delaware’s children. With specially trained and dedicated staff, the Task Force works collaboratively with the Delaware State Police and other agencies in a proactive effort to identify and track down predators and pedophiles before they can harm our children. It uses the latest technology to detect online transactions involving child pornography, sexual solicitation, and sexual exploitation of children. The Child Predator Task Force was created in 2006 by then-Attorney General Beau Biden.

Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor Program

Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (“TSRP”) Program, a partnership with the Delaware Office of Highway Safety, oversees the prosecution of vehicular homicides, impaired (drug and alcohol) driving crimes, and provides law enforcement training and community outreach for motor vehicle safety issues. The TSRP also participates in highway safety public policy and education initiatives and serves as a liaison between the many highway safety stakeholders. The TSRP is involved in all stages of the prosecution of fatal motor vehicle collision cases and works with law enforcement investigators from the time of the crash through the conclusion of the investigation in these serious, and often complex, cases.

Victim Witness Unit

The Victim/Witness Unit is a state-wide unit which provides assistance to the victims of crimes and their families. Assistance with the criminal justice process is also provided to witnesses. The unit is staffed by social workers and clerical employees. The Victim/Witness Unit assists victims and witnesses by such means as counseling, referral for medical and/or psychological treatment, encouragement, transportation, and other services as needed. The Unit also assists in the vital process of ensuring that victims and witnesses are notified all scheduled events relating to the prosecution of a criminal case.

Violent Crime Enterprises Unit

The Violent Crime Enterprises Unit (“VCE”) specializes in prosecuting wiretap cases, organized crime, gangs and “langs” (loosely affiliated neighborhood gangs), cases related to task force investigations and investigations conducted by the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area initiatives (“HIDTA”), felony drug cases and all Title 16  forfeiture matters.  The unit employs fundamental principles promoted by the HIDTA, Violence Reduction Network, and Intelligence Driven Prosecution programs, including (1) intelligence gathering and sharing; (2) strategic and focused prosecutions; and (3) collaborative law enforcement efforts.  Additionally, centralizing expertise for wiretaps and drug prosecutions, given issues particular to these types of cases, creates the necessary specialization needed for effective prosecutions.

The VCE Unit handles the following:

  • Proactive gang and drug investigations and prosecutions;
  • Wiretap investigations and prosecutions;
  • Felony drug cases, including DSP’s Drug Diversion Unit;
  • State prosecutions of task force investigations , including the DEA, FBI, US Marshals and ATF task forces;
  • The Delaware Department of Justice’s participation in the New Castle County HIDTA, as well as HIDTA investigations and prosecutions;
  • Title 16 forfeiture matters statewide;
  • Gathering, maintaining, sharing and utilizing criminal intelligence in conjunction with the Crime Strategies Unit (CSU).

Wilmington Felony Trial Unit

This is a specialized unit dedicated to handle serious felony cases and drug cases arising in the city of Wilmington. Unit Deputies perform the same functions as deputies in the NCCFTU with a special emphasis on issue unique to the city.

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