The Office of Foreclosure Prevention and Financial Education (OFP) are part of the Consumer Protection Unit of the Delaware Department of Justice, established pursuant to 29 Del. C. § 2518 to assist Delaware homeowners in financial distress or facing foreclosure of their home.

Contact Us Today: 1(800)220-5424

How OFP Can Help:

Contact the servicers on behalf of the homeowner

Hold the servicers accountable when working with homeowners to resolve their requests for assistance with delinquent or imminent default on 1st mortgages

Help homeowners understand the process of getting a resolution

Investigate scam complaints

Educate homeowners on what options may be available to help them resolve their concerns

Conduct public outreach events throughout the State to supply information and education to consumers about personal finances

Host periodic servicer events throughout the State that enable homeowners to meet face to-face with their servicer to discuss issues with their mortgages

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Educational & informational
events throughout Delaware