Homeowners Have A Voice

Starting January 19, 2012, the Attorney General, together with other agencies and organizations, has initiated a mandatory mortgage foreclosure mediation program to give homeowner's a voice in the foreclosure process.

FREE HELP is available through this program. You can find information about the Program and helpful links on this page or by calling our toll-free hotline: 800-220-5424.

How does the program work?

What is Mediation - What to Expect:

Mediation will provide you with the opportunity to meet face-to-face with your lender and work towards a mutual agreement in order to avoid foreclosure. Homeowners in Delaware who have participated in the mediation program have benefited from the following resolutions:

Remain in your home:
1.Loan Modification: agreement to permanently change one or more of the terms of the mortgage contract to make your payments more manageable for you
2.Loan Repayment: your lender will give you a fixed amount of time to repay the amount you are behind by adding a portion of what is past due to your regular plan
3.Forbearance Agreement: your mortgage payments are reduced or suspended for a period of time. At the end of the time, you resume making your regular payments as well as a lump sum payment or additional partial payments for a number of months to bring the loan current

Exit your home:
1.Short Sale: your lender may allow you to sell the home yourself, agreeing to forgive any shortfall between the sale price and the mortgage balance
2.Deed in Lieu: you voluntarily transfer your property title to your lender in exchange for cancellation of the remainder of your debt

You are eligible for this FREE program if:
1.You own a one to four unit home
2.You reside in this home as your primary residence
3.The mortgage on this home is being foreclosed


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Important Documents and Other Information:

Mediation Conference Procedures
Letter Regarding Mediation Conference Procedures
Expectations of the Superior Court
Administrative Directive 2012-2
Administrative Directive 2013-2
Administrative Directive 2013-2 replaces Admin. Directive 2012-2. Redline Comparison of the 2 Docs
House Bill 40
Defendant's Timeline and Reminders - (Spanish Version)
Notice of Foreclosure Mediation
Notice of Reinstated Mediation
Continuing Mediation Record
Final Mediation Record
Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Brochure
Certificate of Participation
Universal Intake Form - (Spanish Version)
Foreclosure Intervention Counseling Client's Checklist - (Spanish Version)
Directions to Mediation Conference Locations
Notice of Cancelled Mediation
Mediation Fee Payment Notice
Notice of Intent to Foreclose
HUD-Approved Counseling Agency
Delaware State Housing Authority
Delaware Homeowner Relief

You may also contact us via email at mortgage.mediation@state.de.us