The Family Division brings together four existing Department of Justice units: Child Support, Child Protection, Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, and Juvenile Delinquency and Truancy. Staff are being cross-trained to provide a full range of legal services to victims, families, and juvenile delinquents.


Child Predator Unit

To track down and arrest those seeking to harm our children, Attorney General Beau Biden created the Child Predator Task Force shortly after beginning his tenure as the state's top law enforcement official.

The Task Force, which includes every local police agency in Delaware, puts police and prosecutors side by side to go after the worst of society. It uses the latest technology to find predators online and detect transactions involving pornographic images of children.

The Task Force has surpassed the 150-conviction mark in 2013. Later in the year, the Task Force's work led to a 28-year sentence for a man convicted of running a child pornography distribution ring in Sussex County.

To complement the Task Force's work, Biden also worked with members of the General Assembly in 2007 to enact tough new minimum mandatory sentences for those convicted of possessing child pornography.

Child Protection Unit

The Deputy Attorneys General in the Child Protection Unit prosecute civil dependency/neglect cases, termination of parental rights cases, and Child Protection Registry cases in the Family Court of the State of Delaware. The Deputy Attorneys General in the Child Protection Unit also handle the appeals of these cases to the Delaware Supreme Court.

The Child Protection Unit often works with the Department of Services for Children, Youth and their Families, the Office of Child Advocate, the Children's Advocacy Center and various law enforcement agencies on cases of child dependency/neglect.

The paralegal and administrative specialists in the Child Protection Unit perform legal research, draft pleadings, electronically file documents and perform such clerical tasks as: entering court dates into calendars; keeping track of statistics related to the caseloads; physically creating files; typing routine correspondence; printing envelopes; and typing routine motions and responses.

Child Support

The Department of Justice's Family Division annually secures more than $90 million for Delaware children. DOJ attorneys represent the State, through the Division of Child Support Services, in establishing, modifying, and enforcing child support orders. In addition, it handles prosecutions of criminal non-support cases. Read More...

Juvenile Delinquency and Truancy Unit

The Juvenile Delinquency and Truancy Unit conducts all proceedings involving juveniles in Family Court and truancy issues in Justice of the Peace Courts. The Unit coordinates between police, probation, schools and the courts, and seeks disposition of cases that aim to protect the community while being in the best interest of the juvenile. The Unit recognizes the magnitude and diversity of the issues facing youth today and is committed to crime prevention efforts such as gang-related education, truancy reduction programs, restorative-justice initiatives, cyber-crimes and school crime. For example, statistics show that bullying prevention increases school safety, enhances learning environments, reduces truancy rates and reduces crime. Therefore, the Juvenile Crime Unit has made bullying prevention a main focus by regularly conducting anti-bullying and cyber-bullying seminars to students, school administrators and parents.