Delaware's Attorney General, our State's chief law enforcement officer, has broad responsibility to combat crime, safeguard families, fight fraud, and protect consumers in the First State. In meeting this mission, Attorney General Denn is supported by an experienced and highly respected senior leadership team consisting of the Chief Deputy Attorney General, Chief of Staff, State Prosecutor, State Solicitor, and Directors of the Family and Fraud & Consumer Protection Divisions. Each of the more than 400 staff who work in the Office of the Attorney General are committed to the common goal of serving all Delawareans with integrity and dedication. Deputy Attorneys General, with critical support from criminal investigators, social workers, paraprofessionals, and administrative staff prosecute criminal cases, enforce environmental laws, provide counsel to state agencies, ensure the public's access to open government, protect the abused, and much more.

This website is your portal to learn how the Attorney General's Office works, access forms for reporting fraud, read consumer alerts and press releases, find tips and tools to keep your family safe and secure, and find useful links to government and community services. In addition, you can e-mail Attorney.General@state.de.us to schedule an internet safety and bullying-prevention presentation or request an "Ambassador" speaker to present information on a wide range of criminal justice and consumer protection issues to your community organization.


2015-Present: Matthew Denn
2007-2015: Beau Biden
2005-2007: Carl Danberg
1995-2005: M. Jane Brady
1983-1995: Charles M. Oberly, III
1979-1983: Richard S. Gebelein
1975-1979: Richard R. Wier, Jr.
1971-1975: W. Laird Stabler, Jr.
1963-1971: David P. Buckson
1959-1963: Januar D. Bove, Jr.
1955-1959: Joseph Donald Craven
1951-1955: H. Albert Young
1947-1951: Albert W. James
1943-1947: Clair J. Killoran
1939-1943: James R. Morford
1933-1939: P. Warren Green
1933-1933: Daniel J. Layton
1929-1933: Reuben Satterthwaite, Jr.
1925-1929: Clarence A. Southerland
1921-1925: Sylvester D. Townsend, Jr.
1917-1921: David J. Reinhardt
1913-1917: Josiah O. Wolcott
1909-1913: Andrew C. Gray
1905-1909: Robert H. Richards
1901-1905: Herbert H. Ward
1895-1901: Robert C. White
1892-1895: John R. Nicholson
1887-1892: John Biggs
1885-1887: John H. Paynter
1879-1885: George Gray
1874-1879: John B. Penington
1869-1874: Charles B. Lore
1864-1869: Jacob Moore
1860-1864: Afred Wooten
1855-1860: George P. Fisher
1850-1855: Willard Saulsbury
1840-1850: Edward W. Gilpin
1835-1840: James Rogers
1830-1835: Robert Frame
1815-1830: James Rogers
1810-1815: Thomas Clayton
1806-1810: Outerbridge Horsey
1801-1806: Nicholas Vandyke
1790-1801: Nicholas Ridgely
1778-1790: Gunning Bedford*

* First Attorney General of Delaware during transition to statehood following ratification of U.S. Constitution in 1787.