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Consumer Protection

The Consumer Protection Unit is part of the Fraud and Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office. The CPU is responsible for enforcing Delaware consumer protection statutes and protecting the general public from consumer frauds and scams. In addition to pursuing enforcement action against those who violate our consumer protection laws, the CPU also participates in community outreach and consumer education events, engages in consumer advocacy, and actively contributes to coordinated state and federal consumer protection investigations and initiatives.

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Investor Protection

The Investor Protection Unit is a unit of the Delaware Department of Justice and is charged by law with the regulation of the securities business in the State of Delaware. If you have a question or concern that relates to the rules and regulations that govern the securities business in Delaware, we hope that this web site will provide the information that you are looking for.

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Consumer Alerts

An important part of the Consumer Protection’s work is to provide Delaware citizens with the information necessary to avoid becoming victims of consumer fraud and to help them in making wise purchasing decisions. In addition to meeting with community groups and providing important information through seminars, presentations and other consumer events, we issue Consumer Alerts and distribute brochures and fact sheets with valuable tips for consumers.

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Common Interest Community Ombudsperson

The General Assembly created the Office of the Ombudsperson for the Common Interest Community in the Department of Justice in August 2014. The purpose of the Office is to assist members of residential “common interest communities” to understand their rights and responsibilities and where possible, to resolve disputes without use of the judicial system.

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Housing & Foreclosure

Starting January 19, 2012, the Attorney General, together with other agencies and organizations, has initiated a mandatory mortgage foreclosure mediation program to give homeowner’s a voice in the foreclosure process.

FREE HELP is available through this program. Toll-free hotline: 800-220-5424.

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Identity Theft

Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing areas of consumer crime in the country, and one of the most difficult to resolve, once it takes place. The Attorney General and the Consumer Protection Unit of the Department of Justice offer the following advice to protect citizens of Delaware from Identity Theft.

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