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Administrative Law and Education

The Administrative Law and Education Unit provides legal counsel to the Department of Education, the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association, the Professional Standards Board, the State Board of Education, the Public Service Commission, the Division of Public Utility Control, and the Delaware Public Advocate. In addition, the Deputy Attorneys General in the Administrative Law and Education Unit provide counsel to forty professional licensing boards and serve as general counsel to the Division of Professional Regulation.

Affirmative Litigation

The Affirmative Litigation Unit prosecutes professional licensing cases against individuals accused of violating state professional standards. Represents the Department of Labor as general counsel with a primary focus on enforcing Delaware's labor laws through prevailing wage lawsuits, wage payment & collection actions and other matters. Represents State agencies in personnel matters brought before the Merit Employee Relations Board and the courts on appeals. Brings lawsuits on behalf of the State of Delaware involving false claims and significant collections matters.

Defensive Litigation

Deputy Attorneys General in the Defensive Litigation Unit primarily defend the State's law enforcement agencies, including the Department of Correction, the Division of Probation and Parole, and their officials and employees in State and Federal Courts. These litigation deputies defend State agencies against lawsuits for personal injury and alleged violations of employment law and numerous other legal claims.

Departments and Agencies

Deputy Attorneys Generals in the Departments and Agencies Unit give legal advice and representation to the following State agencies and their divisions: Department of Health and Social Services; Department of Safety and Homeland Security; Department of Correction; Department of Agriculture; Delaware National Guard; Department of Transportation and Delaware Transit Corporation; Department of Elections; and the Division of Unemployment Insurance within the Department of Labor.

Environmental Unit

The Environmental Unit works closely with the State of Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, or DNREC. The lawyers work with engineers and scientists at DNREC to enforce laws that fight air and water pollution, hazardous waste, and other threats to the environment. A notable example is Delaware's Coastal Zone Act, which restricts new industrial development along the Delaware River and Bay. The Divisions of Parks & Recreation and Fish & Wildlife preserve open spaces and natural areas for use by all Delawareans. The DNREC lawyers also deal with climate and energy issues such as the threat posed by global warming and the promotion of alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power and geothermal energy. The Deputy Attorneys General assigned to the Environmental Unit represent DNREC in all state courts, in federal court, and in administrative matters before the Environmental Appeals Board and the Coastal Zone Industrial Control Board.

Government Services

Deputy Attorneys Generals in the Government Services Unit provide legal advice and representation to the following State agencies and their respective divisions: Department of State; Department of Finance (including Division of Revenue, Division of Accounting and State Lottery Office); Department of Technology and Information; Office of Management and Budget (including Human Resources Management, Government Support Services and Facilities Management); Office of Pensions (including the Board of Pension Trustees); and the Office of the State Bank Commissioner. The Unit's DAGs also provide legal advice and representation to the following Statewide elected officials and State administrative boards: State Insurance Commissioner (including the Department of Insurance); State Auditor of Accounts (including the Office of the Auditor of Accounts); State Treasurer (including the Office of the State Treasurer); Deferred Compensation Council; Delaware College Investment Plan Council; Coastal Zone Industrial Control Board; Environmental Appeals Board; Thoroughbred Racing Commission; Harness Racing Commission; State Fire Prevention Commission; Public Employment Relations Board; and State Use Law Commission.

Health Law

Deputy Attorneys General in the Health Law Unit provide legal advice and representation to the State of Delaware’s Department of Health and Social Services including all of its Divisions, the Department of Correction, the Department of Election, the Delaware Health Information Network, the Delaware Healthcare Commission, the Child Placement Review Board, and covers all Civil Commitment Hearings and Adult Abuse Registry matters state-wide. General counsel work includes rendering advice; drafting/reviewing legislation and regulations; handling procurement issues including drafting/reviewing contracts, requests for proposals and MOUs; advising on FOIA requests; drafting Attorney General Opinions, and representation of the agency and/or its officers and employees in court and administrative proceedings.